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Ubiquitin is small; resolving it can be tricky. The following protocol is adapted from John Hanna in Dan Finley's lab.


  • Prepare logarithmically growing cells.
  • Resuspend in 1X LLB at a concentration of 75 uL 1X LLB per 1 OD600 worth of cells.
  • Boil 5 min
  • Centrifuge briefly to pellet debris.
  • Load 15 ul on 4-12% B/T gradient gel (Invitrogen); be sure to use MES buffer as this gives better resolution in the LMW range
  • Wet transfer to PVDF for 1 hour at 250 mA (constant)
  • Block 40 minutes
  • Primary antibody: anti-ubiquitin polyclonal Ab (Biomol: UG9510) 1:2500 in TBS-T for 40 minutes (can re-use this antibody at least 5 times)
  • Wash 4x5 min in TBS-T
  • Secondary antibody: anti-rabbit IgG Ab 1:10000 in TBT-T for 40 minutes
  • Wash 4x5 min in TBS-T
  • Wash 1x1 min in water ECL