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News from the lab


17 April 2015: Our new paper on the relationship between mRNA and protein levels, a collaboration with the Airoldi group, is accepted at PLoS Genetics. (preprint)
9 April 2015: Edward is awarded CBC Postdoctoral Research Grant to do high-throughput sequencing.
1 April 2015: Edward wins the ASBMB Best Thematic Poster prize in the theme area "Protein Nonfolding as a Regulatory Phenomenon".
30 March 2015: Catherine Wu starts her rotation in the lab.
16 February 2015: Cat Triandafillou starts her rotation in the lab.


9 December 2014: Our new paper on nutrient-driven recoding of fly genomes, a collaboration with the Pan and Aquadro groups, is out at PLoS Biology.
25 November 2014: We've been awarded a Big Ideas Generator (BIG) Seed Award.
1 August 2014: Chris Katanski joins the lab.
1 April 2014: Josh wins an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.
1 April 2014: Edward will be giving a talk at SMBE 2014.
31 March 2014: Chris Katanski starts his rotation in the lab.
6 January 2014: Eliza Nieweglowska joins the lab.


27 November 2013: Allan's paper on determinants of evolutionary rates is named a Molecular Biology and Evolution "Early Citation Classic" for 2014.
15 August 2013: Kerry's paper on quantifying growth rate using intracellular protein levels is accepted in PLoS One.
1 August 2013: Edward's paper is recommended by Faculty of 1000.
15 July 2013: Pawel Laskowski joins the lab.
11 March 2013: Edward Wallace's paper on estimating selection on codon usage is accepted in MBE.


14 June 2012: Allan is named one of the 2012 Pew Scholars in the Biomedical Sciences.
1 June 2012: Dr. Evgeny Pilipenko joins the lab.
22 March 2012: Alexandra Rojek is awarded a Herchel-Smith fellowship.
15 February 2012: Allan is named one of the 2012 Sloan Research Fellows.